There may be times you encounter an unsecured animal preventing you from servicing a property. We try and prevent this from happening by informing the customer of your arrival 24 hours in advance, but there are instances where they might not have seen the notification or they are waiting for you to arrive before putting them inside. In any instance, follow these steps to resolve the issue.

Check To See If Anyone Is Home

The first thing you should do if you encounter an unsecured animal on a property is to check to see if anyone is home. If someone is home, introduce yourself and politely ask the customer to put their animal away so you can safely perform services.   

Assess The Situation

If nobody is home to put the animal away, assess what areas you can perform work without letting the animal loose or harming your safety. For example, if the animal is in the backyard, you can still safely perform services in the front and side yards. 

Take Before Photos

After you have determined what areas you can safely perform services at, take the necessary before photos including one of the animal and upload it to the app.  

Contact TaskEasy

Once all of the photos are uploaded to the app, contact a TaskEasy Advocate at (800) 518-4461 to get approval for partial work. You should explain to the advocate that there is an animal preventing you from servicing the entire property, but you are still able to complete some of it. 

The advocate will assess the photos you submitted and will either approve you to complete partial work or reschedule the job for a future date. 

If you are rescheduled to a future date, we will contact the customer to have them keep their animal inside on the next scheduled visit to prevent this from happening again.