TaskEasy Scholarship
for Future Entrepreneurs

Winners of the TaskEasy Scholarship for Future Entrepreneurs

Last May, we announced that the TaskEasy Scholarship for Future Entrepreneurs would be continuing for Fall Semester. We set out to give three $1000 scholarships to students who are passionate about continuing their education.

We received an impressive amount of entries from people who showed their entrepreneurial spirit through video and essay submissions. Each submission was just as inspiring as the last, which made it hard to choose three winners. In the end, we chose three students who overcame challenges in their life so they could make the world a better place.

If you’re an entrepreneur at heart and need some motivation, read about our winners below!

Alex Fuentes
Stanford University

Alex grew up with limited resources, which made him take advantage of those he had. He wanted to give back and grow as a leader, which made him pursue opportunities to educate and engage his community on important major issues. His senior year he led a 7-month campaign advocating for international humanitarian law and spearheaded youth service projects in the realm of community disaster preparedness.

Alex is a freshman at Stanford University who is majoring in Neuroscience. He is looking forward to his creative writing class as well as living in the Casa Zapata cultural dorm. Outside of school, he actively involves himself in community services projects. As for his his free time, Alex enjoys playing chess and drums at the Good Samaritan Church.

Calista Kub
UC Boulder

Calista is a freshman at UC Boulder where she is triple majoring in Neuroscience, Marketing, and Studio Arts. Although her classes are rigorous, she’s excited for the challenge and is looking forward to finding out which area of degree she’s most passionate about.

After going through a tough surgery in high school, Calista found a love for running and joined cross country. She was also the team captain for her Relay For Life team and plans to join the club in college. Calista is an artist at heart and has been one since she was in Kindergarten. She loves being outdoors and painting nature scenes. When she has a interest in something, she goes at it with full force.

Leah Popek
Drexel University

Like so many people around the nation, Leah struggles with depression and anxiety. As she transitioned through middle school to high school, her struggles grew even worse, resulting in isolation and memory lapse. Although depression and anxiety are hard to overcome, Leah pushed forward and found something to help her survive – singing.

Leah was heavily involved in her school’s choir program. She earned a rare first year spot in the chamber ensemble. Her small town public music program was recognized as a nationally ranked choral program, which garnered countless commissions and performances at venues all over the United States. The group created a space for her to express herself in a positive way. Because of singing, Leah was able to move forward with her life and attend Drexel University.

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