Grounds Maintenance Services For Storage Facilities

Maintain green space on your storage facilities without any hassle. TaskEasy landscaping services save you time and make your job easier.

Maintenance Services for Your Properties


Keep Track of
Your Properties


Whether your properties are in one geographic area or across the nation, TaskEasy helps you gain and maintain visibility for all of them. Our before and after photos keep contractors accountable and offer peace of mind that jobs are done right.


Ensure Fair,
Consistent Pricing


Our service costs are based on local market conditions and scope of work. We manage all vendor pricing, so you won’t have to worry about mid-contract increases.


Save Time Managing


TaskEasy is a one-stop shop for contractors nationwide - no need to track down and manage vendors in every market. Plus, we provide a single invoice that covers all of your properties.

Set It and Forget It

The days of finding vendors and monitoring quality are over. When you sign up with TaskEasy, you get recurring services automatically for all your properties. It’s the ultimate “one and done” solution.

Services That Work For You

TaskEasy understands the importance of maintaining a professional appearance for your properties. Our grounds maintenance services are catered to fit the needs of storage facilities regardless of size and location.

Lawn and exterior maintenance
tree trimming
power washing
weed control

You're In Control

TaskEasy's software allows property owners to easily manage and update their portfolio preferences in seconds. You can order services, manage invoices, view service history, and request custom bids all in one place.

you're in control

Single Point of Contact

TaskEasy is the only point of contact you need for all your properties. Rely on us to manage vendors and services.

single point of contact

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