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TaskEasy Guarantees Home Owners and Property Managers Receive a Fair-Market Price for Home Exterior Services

Company’s patent-pending algorithms establish a fair-market price in more than 400 U.S. metropolitan areas for services such as lawn care, snow removal or holiday lighting installation. Instead of price haggling, the customer and contractor focus on quality and fairness.

TaskEasy connects property managers and homeowners with pre-screened contractors to provide services like snow removal, lawn care and holiday lighting installation at a fair price.

SALT LAKE CITY – July 29, 2014 – A home exterior services company says negotiating the lowest price for lawn mowing, as well as contractors who low-ball the competition, actually hurts the customer, the contractor, and the local economy. According to TaskEasy, a contractor’s lowest-paying customers tend to receive the worse service, if they end up receiving any service at all.

“You hear all the time about a contractor who didn’t show up one week,” said TaskEasy Co-founder and CTO Joe Turner. “That’s because a contractor’s lowest-paying customer risks also becoming the lowest priority. For the contractor to stay in business, nine times out of ten he’s going to take care of the higher-paying customers first.”

TaskEasy’s philosophy is based on establishing a fair price as opposed to a low-cost price. Because the company has performed more than 50,000 lawn mowings since opening for business in April 2013, Turner says the company feels very confident on what a fair price is. Contractors regularly call the company to give feedback on pricing, and when necessary TaskEasy makes adjustments.

“We want every homeowner with a similar-sized lawn as their neighbor to pay the same price across the board,” said Turner. “No longer should being a good negotiator or having a Porsche in your driveway have any effect upon what you pay to have your lawn mowed. Fairness and quality are really what customers care about.”

In addition to removing the drama of price haggling, TaskEasy also provides homeowners and property managers with peace-of-mind. All contractors are carefully screened, are insured, and don’t get paid until the customer confirms he or she is completely satisfied with the work performed.

TaskEasy currently has hundreds of active contractors nationwide and is adding about 300 a month. In addition to lawn care, TaskEasy contractors also provide other home exterior services, with snow removal and holiday lighting installation being the most requested — after lawn mowing.


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