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If your lawn or yard in Washington D.C. need maintenance, look no further. Washington D.C. with its humid subtropical climate offers its residents an opportunity to have beautiful lush lawns and gardens. Ensure your lawn is well-groomed and nurtured with TaskEasy lawn mowing packages and on-the-go service offering. With our easy-to-navigate online platform and app, ordering a lawn care service has never been easier. Enter your address, trace your lawn or yard that need to be serviced, choose the frequency and relax! TaskEasy will send a lawn mowing professional to your property in Washington D.C. and make sure you have the yard of your dreams.

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Weekly and Bi-Weekly Plans

Choose the service frequency that meets your budget and lawn care needs.

Prices at TaskEasy are fair and fixed.

No Price Haggling

No need to haggle over bids. You'll get a fair, set price based on market demands.

Save time using TaskEasy.

Save Time

Finding and managing a contractor wastes time. We've done the busy work for you!

TaskEasy is licensed and insured.

Licensed & Insured

Each TaskEasy contractor must pass a screening and carry insurance.

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Why TaskEasy

TaskEasy is a unique online ecosystem where property owners and contractors benefit in a win-win relationship. Property owners easily book and manage services online. Contractors are provided with customers, eliminating costly advertising, bidding, and billing.
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