Lawn aeration is essential for a healthy, well-maintained lawn and involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow water, air, and nutrients to nourish the grass roots. Lawns deprived of aeration accumulate thatch beneath the grass, making it difficult for plant roots to get the essential elements they need to flourish.

Expected Service Dates By Zone

  • Zone A: April 8th - May 17th           
  • Zone B: April 5th - May 10th
  • Zone C: March 4th - April 1st         
  • Zone D: Feb 1st -March 1st
  • Zone E: Jan 28th - Feb 22nd


Scope Of Work

  • Aerate the front, back, and side yards, leaving removed plugs on the lawn

Photo Requirements

  • Before photos of the front, back and side lawn
  • Action photo of you aerating the lawn
  • After photos of the front, back and side lawn
  • Close up photo of the soil plugs