Initial services are designed to restore a vacant (or neglected) property to its prime condition by allowing contractors to spend more time and effort on them. For contractors, Initials have a larger scope of work and payout more money than regular lawn mowing tasks. As a result, recurring services are easier to maintain and by spending more time and effort, our customers feel more confident in our ability to perform quality services on their properties. Initials are win-win for everyone. 

Scope Of Work

Mow: mowing up to 6" of grass growth including mulching or disposal of grass clippings.

Debris Removal: removal of general service related debris from hardscape and landscape, and incidental debris (leaves/pine needles, sticks/branches, newspapers, flyers, bottles, etc.)

Bush Trimming: trimming bushes, shrubs, and plants less than 6 feet in height to a minimum of 18 inches away from structures and back 4 inches from all walkways.

Tree Trimming: trim trees less than 8 feet tall to a minimum of 18 inches away from structures and back 4 inches from all walkways.

Trim: trim grass along all standing structures.

Front View Curb Appeal: removal of dead plants, small bushes and ornamental trees less than 8 feet in height. 

Edge: edging along walkways, sidewalks, and driveways.

Weed Removal: removal and spraying of weeds in flower beds and paved areas. 

Sprinkler System Inspection: inspection of irrigation systems, timers, valves, irrigation lines, and heads. This is subject to unit access and active water and related utilities. Some clients include repair, so read task instructions carefully.

Please note: If working during an Initial and you feel additional funds may be required, be sure to include all photos supporting the purpose of fund increase and call TE. Initial work is a VERY important scope to complete. Photos will validate your work and confirm completion.