Dethatching is the process of removing dead turfgrass tissue known as "thatch", which can prevent water and nutrients from seeping down to the grass's roots. You typically dethatch the lawn with a specialized dethatching rake, or a mechanical dethatcher, such as a vertical cutter or power rake. Once the dethatching is completed, all the loosened thatch is raked and the excess is removed from the lawn.

Expected Service Dates By Zone

  • Zone A: April 8th - May 17th           
  • Zone B: April 5th - May 10th
  • Zone C: March 4th - April 1st         
  • Zone D: Feb 1st -March 1st
  • Zone E: Jan 28th - Feb 22nd


Scope Of Work

  • Dethatch front, back and side yards 
  • Rake and remove thatch from the property 

Photo Requirements

  • Before photo of front, back and side yards 
  • Action photo of you removing dethatching the lawn
  • Action photo of you raking up excess thatch and removing it from the lawn
  • After photo of the front, back and side yards