Dear TaskEasy Partner,

    When TaskEasy first began, we were operating our business from our CEO’s basement, selling services exclusively to homeowners and processing credit card payments in advance to offer fast payments to our contractors. Fast forward six years, we have evolved to service commercial, vacant and occupied properties for clients with large property portfolios and have expanded our payment options to allow clients to pay us every 30 to 45 days while still providing fast payments to our contractors.

    Over the years, contractors have regularly asked for ways to simplify how they manage daily bank deposits. Beginning July 2019, TaskEasy will simplify your accounting process and consolidate the number of deposits by grouping payments for completed and approved jobs into a single deposit every two weeks.

    Our research shows grouping payments into a single deposit every two weeks will improve tracking and visibility of your earnings. Grouping payments will also help save TaskEasy money in transaction fees – money that will be better spent on resources to support your business.

    While we are still working out the details, an official launch date has not been scheduled. We will notify you with more details as they become available.

    Thank you,



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