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Wednesday, Jul. 20th, 2016

Putting Your Property on the Market...

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Wednesday, Dec. 6th, 2017

NFN Survey

Property Preservation Survey

In an effort to expand our product offerings to new clients and provide more jobs to our contractors, TaskEasy is now administering property preservation surveys for clients with large property portfolios (by client request only).

If you choose to add a client/job to your schedule that requires a survey, you are committing to complete the job and the survey to the best of your ability. As a TaskEasy contractor you are not obligated to schedule any jobs that require a survey.

What’s In It For Me?

More jobs! Expanding your capabilities to meet the needs of TaskEasy and our clients will help strengthen our product offering and generate more work for our contractors.

How It Works

Initial Service Survey
When servicing a new property for our client, the TaskEasy Contractor App will prompt you to take a survey prior to performing services. As our eyes and ears on the ground, we rely on our contractors to relay information gathered in the survey as a means to provide TaskEasy with updates about each property and their condition.

A total of two (2) surveys may be required on each visit, a ‘Before Survey’ and a ‘After Survey’ option will be presented in the Task Details menu.
Starting the Survey (Before Survey)
When prompted by the ‘Survey Required’ dialogue box, you have the option to take the survey immediately or view the ‘Task Details’.
To start the survey, tap ‘Take Survey’.
Important! When starting the survey be aware that you are surveying the property prior to beginning any work (Before Survey). A second survey will be required after you have completed the ‘Before Survey’ and after any work is performed.

Answering Questions
Each job will come with a set of questions.
Note: Not all question sets will be the same.

Common questions include:

  • Are you able to access the property?
  • Is there a “For Sale” sign on the property?
  • What is the property’s occupancy status?
  • Is the property located in an HOA?

Most questions will require a “Yes” or “No” response, in this case use your finger to tap/swipe the correct response.

Once answered and the orange “Next” button appears at the bottom of the screen, tap “Next” to continue.

Tap on the comment/text box for questions that require a written response.

Note: Some questions may require you to be more descriptive than others. Please provide a brief, but accurate description when/if necessary.

When photos are required tap “Add Photos” then choose “Take Photo” or “Choose from Library” then select the photo to upload that best corresponds with the question.

Photo Tip! When taking photos with your smartphone, avoid blurry or angled photos. Focus on your subject. In this example of the realtor sign, the sign is easy to read and is in-focus. Taking quality photos like this will help expedite the approval process so you can get paid faster.

Photos uploaded to the survey will be displayed below the “Add Photos” button.

Proceed to the next question by tapping “Next.”

Finishing the Survey (Before Survey)
Upon completion of the survey you will be prompted with instructions for completing the task.

Tap/swipe the option “Got it” then tap “Finish Survey” to complete the survey.

Important Note: Based on your answers, you may be prompted not to service the property. If this occurs, please complete the survey and leave the property as is. TaskEasy will mark the job complete and pay you a trip charge.

Complete Sub-Tasks and Add After Photos
Once the “Before Survey” is finished you can continue servicing the property.

When you have verified that the sub-tasks have been completed, tap/swipe the sub-tasks.

Once the sub-tasks and job are physically complete, tap “Take After Survey” and repeat the question answering process as mentioned above.

Upon completion or “After Survey” add the required “After Photos” using the “Add After Photos” button.

Tap the “Finish” button prior to leaving the property to make the job complete.

Recurring Survey

Following the initial service, any subsequent services/visits will require a survey. This survey will be very similar to the inital service survey. For help completing the recurring survey, refer to the instructions above or contact TaskEasy.

The author’s views are entirely his or her own and may not always reflect the view of TaskEasy.