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Wednesday, Jul. 20th, 2016

Putting Your Property on the Market...

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Thursday, Jan. 21st, 2016

Announcing the Winners of The TaskEasy Scholarship For Future Entrepreneurs: General Students

Last September, we introduced the inaugural TaskEasy Scholarship for Future Entrepreneurs. We set out to give five $1000 scholarships to students who are passionate about business. For the “General Students” category, we were looking for two students who have drive and an entrepreneurial spirit. Read about our other winners here.

After we launched the program, we were amazed at how quickly submissions started to roll in. At the end, we had received hundreds of entries. Because we received so many impressive entries, it’s safe to say that these two winners are really going the extra mile. Both winners have already put their entrepreneurial spirit to work by starting their own businesses at a young age.

We interviewed the winners via video to learn more about their individual journeys in order to provide insight and advice to other driven leaders who are looking to start their own businesses. If you are a budding entrepreneur or are simply looking for a motivation boost, check out the winner videos and excerpts from their essays below!


Chental-Song Bembry
Somerset, NJ, Hampton University


ChentalChental is the author and illustrator of The Honey Bunch Kid book series. Chental is an advocate for literacy and aims to instill good values in other kids through her writing. After publishing her first book in 2010, she started Chental-Song’s Literacy Campaign. She has traveled to schools, libraries, churches, and book clubs to speak to children on the importance of literary, goal-setting, and the impact of reading on academic success. She values getting an education as part of her campaign for literacy and is working towards her degree at Hampton University.





An excerpt from her winning essay:

“Time is the window of opportunity to achieve what we desire. As a young, female with a drive for success, it is my mission to create change that will positively impact generations. In order to reach this goal, I strive to become an entrepreneur. I will have the privilege of working for myself in order to ultimately serve and give back to my community.”

We asked Chental a few questions, check out the video below:

We were impressed with Chental’s drive and her desire to spread the value or literacy to children everywhere. We are excited to follow her on her journey and know that she will continue to be a great success.


Jay Iyer
Sunnyvale, CA, University of California, Berkeley

jayJay is the founder of AllGreenTech, a company that specializes in researching and developing energy-saving ideas and products for all aspects of everyday life. The idea came to him during Christmas Break in 2011 when he observed automatic sprinklers running as it was raining. He realized this was a problem and began to think of solutions that could prevent water waste. He constructed an electronic circuit that shut off the sprinkler timer with a simple sponge as a rain sensor. To his amazement, it worked like a charm. He recognizes the importance of a higher education in addition to building his business and will be receiving his degree from Berkeley.



An excerpt from his winning essay:

“As a result of an accidental observation on a rainy vacation day, today I find myself amazed, proud, happy, and excited by the work I have done so far and the results I have obtained in my efforts to conserve our precious energy resources. Needless to say, these experiences and the world I come from have played a big part in my current dreams and aspirations as a future problem solver, engineer, inventor, and entrepreneur.”

We asked Jay a few questions, check out the video below (Please turn captions on to see interview questions):

Jay observed a problem and found a solution with hard work and innovation. We fully support anyone who is doing their part to make this world more energy-efficient and we’re excited to see what energy-saving inventions Jay comes up with in the future.

The author’s views are entirely his or her own and may not always reflect the view of TaskEasy.